LYON, France – December 2, 2021

Edelris today announced that it has extended its discovery research collaboration with Cedilla Therapeutics, Inc. (“Cedilla”), a
biotechnology company bringing a new dimension to precision oncology.

Based upon the successful results achieved during their ongoing collaboration, the companies will extend their collaboration to continue work on a collection of small molecules identifiedby Edelris on a high-value oncology target for Cedilla.

For over a decade, Edelris has pioneered the design and synthesis of innovative, Natural Product-like small molecules (Keymical Collections™), aiming at the discovery of bio-relevant chemical starting points towards hit and lead discovery. The collection thus enables faster identification of innovative drug candidates with improved target specificity and enhanced drug-like characteristics.

The compounds discovered for Cedilla were identified using EDEN, the Edelris Discovery ENgine, built upon a unique and proprietary small molecules collection originating from the Keymical Space™ and coupled with an efficient Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry (AS-MS) screening platform. Under the extended collaboration agreement, Edelris has granted exclusive rights to Cedilla to further develop and
commercialize the licensed compounds. Edelris will be eligible for preclinical milestone payments as the project progresses, in addition to a license fee. The financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

“Edelris’ unique small molecule collection compliments the integrated suite of capabilities that we use at Cedilla to understand how interactions within proteins’ cellular environments critically modulate their activity and identify novel small molecule binding sites. This collaboration will enable us to further progress our efforts to pursue a broad portfolio of key oncology targets that have eluded conventional therapeutic modalities,” said Brian Jones, CSO of Cedilla.

“Edelris is proud to contribute to the discovery efforts of innovative biotech companies, such as Cedilla, in their goal to address unmet therapeutic needs. Our unique combination of novel and biorelevant collections of small molecules and our state-of-the-art AS-MS screening technologies allows for the fast identification of tractable, lead-like and patentable chemical matter against an undisclosed protein complex,” said Dr. Jean-Yves Ortholand, CEO of Edelris. “The current achievement marks a first success in the ongoing discovery agreement between our companies. We are eager to support and announce future successes as the programs progress.”

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About Edelris


Edelris has continuously been bringing creative solutions to clients and partners from drug discovery organizations for the past 17 years, with a clear focus on Hit generation and Hit-to-Lead optimization. Edelris has pioneered the value of 3D, natural productlike compound collections for HTS and FBLD (Keymical Collections™ and Fragments), and offers successful medicinal chemistry and synthesis of explorative chemical libraries, encoded and non-encoded. Further to this, Edelris differentiates itself with EDEN (Edelris Discovery ENgine) based upon a 2 million proprietary compound collection (Keymical Space™) and AS-MS technologies.

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