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Analytical chemistry

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For 14 years, Edelris has been providing robust support to the pharmaceutical and life science industry backed up by state-of-the-art analytical technology. Flexibility, proactiveness and confidentiality are the fundamental values that drive us to elucidate the structure and validate the purity of your active ingredients and chemical formulations.

Our keys to success

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  • Understand your concerns

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The scientific expertise and proven capabilities of our analytical and organic chemistry team will be additional assets for effective delivery.

edelris analytical chemistry success keys

Our expertise



Identification and quantification

of impurities

Adaptation or development

of chromatographic methods

Purification of compounds, including polar, non-uv visible compounds

Routine sample analysis according

to standard methods


In-house analytical equipment

NMR Bruker Avance 500 MHz

UHPLC/MS system Waters Acquity

HPLC/MS system Waters and Agilent

Preparative LC/MS systems Waters Autopurify

Automatic liquid handlers Gilson

Reduced pressure rotative evaporators Genevac

Automatic weighting system Mettler Bohdan

DSC Mettler Toledo