Prof Laura Kiessling visits Edelris

Edelris is greatly honoured to host Prof Laura Kiessling when she visits Lyon on her Ambassadors@INC “Chemical Biology Tour”
(title to be announced shortly) on the 25th of April. We are grateful to INC and the CNRS, which allows this brief,
and remarkable visit of Prof Kiessling, at our premises.

We gladly invite you to join Edelris and Prof Kiessling for her conference (title to be announced shortly) at our site in Lyon on Tuesday 25/4 at 10:45 AM.
Please register at (mandatory).

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Edelris and Bridge Biotherapeutics Extend Their Collaboration To Discover Novel Covalent Probes

Edelris and Bridge Biotherapeutics (KQ288330), a South Korean clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel drugs for inflammation, fibrosis and oncology, today announced the extension of their successful chemical discovery collaboration.

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Edelris initiates a multi-target Research Agreement with Bayer

Edelris announced today that they have entered into a new agreement for the discovery of innovative and selective ligands on biological targets of interest for Bayer, focusing on addressing new modes of action for disease control in pilot projects.

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Edelris Extends its Successful Research Collaboration with Cedilla Therapeutics

Edelris today announced that it has extended its discovery research collaboration with Cedilla Therapeutics, a biotechnology company bringing a new dimension to precision oncology. Based upon the successful results achieved during their ongoing collaboration, the companies will extend their collaboration to continue work on a collection of small molecules identified by Edelris on a high-value oncology target for Cedilla.

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Roivant Discovery and Edelris Enter into Drug Discovery Research Collaboration

Roivant Discovery, the drug discovery engine of Roivant Sciences, and Edelris are pleased to announce that they have entered into a Research Collaboration to identify small molecule ligands against a target of interest for Roivant.

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Nadège Laborde appointed as Managing Director

To support its ambition, EDELRIS is proud to welcome Nadège Laborde as its Managing Director.

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AS-MS symposium announcement

Thrilling line-up of speakers for the
“1st Edelris Symposium on Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery”
- June 2 & 3 -

If you need to accelerate the selection of high-quality hits for your biological targets,
If you are having difficulties identifying small-molecule ligands through other screening paradigms,
Register and listen to the Symposium’s leading speakers,
They will share their experiences so you can take full profit from this breakthrough screening technology.

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Edelris expands into the growing research area of PROTACS

EDELRIS has signed an important research agreement on the AS-MS screening of several E3-ligases, a cardinal component in the PROTAC technology. Our unique 2 Million diverse, 3D-rich, and tangible Keymical Space™ will serve as the compound screening pool.

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Edelris and Galapagos announce extension of a multi‐year research agreement

Building upon the positive results of an ongoing research collaboration
aimed at the production of jointly designed chemical libraries, Edelris and Galapagos announce today
that they have agreed to extend their multi‐year partnership .

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The Max Planck Institute and Edelris Announce a Research Collaboration

Under the terms of the agreement, the aim of the collaboration will be to identify novel ligands
towards groundbreaking biological targets.

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Edelris in ESCulab - the story continues…

Edelris will continue as a partner in ESCulab: the new project under the European Lead Factory brand.

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We are moving to a new location in BioParc Lyon.

We are happy to announce a new step forward with our move into the state-of-the-art laboratories in BioParc

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Delivering 40 000 compounds to European Lead Factory : Learnings & Achievement Meeting 2017

We showcased the strategy put in place within Edelris to meet the target of delivering 40K innovative compounds to the ELF Public Compound Collection. By using the Lean Six Sigma approach we were able to significantly adjust our production tool, enabling us to reallocate effort to solving other demanding problems such as scaffold validation and additional value adding tasks. Key Performance Indicators have been shared and discussed.

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EFMC ASMC 2017 – Results from our collaboration with Merck

EDELRIS had the opportunity in August 2017 to present the work carried out in collaboration with Merck. This collaboration is a perfect example of the relevance and complementarity of EDELRIS’ Services.

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RICT in Toulouse

Edelris will give a presentation on "Mining from NP-Like Fragments in 3D: Discovery of a Potent Caspase-1 Inhibitor"

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WPC Mastering Medicinal Chemistry (Boston, June 15th)

Edelris will present positive results obtained with 3D fragments on Cyclophilin-D

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The Annual Meeting 2017 American Association for Cancer Research

Our partner Bayer HealthCare presented interesting results from a collaboration with EDELRIS at the Annual Meeting AARC in Washington.
This study case concerns a service of hit to lead on an epigenetic regulator: ATAD2. The work carried out by EDELRIS EDELRIS improved the affinity, selectivity and diffusion in tissues from Hits initially identified from a DNA-encoded compound libraries.

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ACS 2017 (San Francisco)

EMD-Serono will reveal new results on Cyclophilin-D inhibitors originating from Edelris 3D-fragments

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Research Collaboration Agreement signed with Pfizer Inc.

Edelris s.a.s., a leading medicinal chemistry company focused on applying its EDEN (Edelris Discovery ENgine) technology [...]

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FBLD Boston 2016

Edelris will present positive results obtained with 3D fragments on Cyclophilin-D

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FBLD Boston 2016

Mining from NP-Like Fragments in 3D: discovery of a Potent Caspase-1 Inhibitor presented by Edelris

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SAHOC2016: [5+2]-Cycloaddition reactions for the generation of diverse 3D-scaffolds and library synthesis

Cycloaddition reactions are highly useful tools to address 3D-rich and functionalized scaffolds. This presentation will show the successful applications of [5+2]-cycloaddition reactions to access library scaffolds containing seven-membered rings. The chemistries were validated by the University of Leeds scientists and after transfer of knowledge to our scientists at EDELRIS, up-scaling and final library syntheses were effectively performed. Hurdles, solutions and outcomes will be discussed.

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Unprecedented inhibitors of the ATAD2 bromodomain from a DNA-encoded chemical library screen

On the occasion of the 5th International Symposium on DNA-encoded chemical libraries (Zürich, August 26, 2016), Bayer AG discloses a poster co-authored by X-Chem and Edelris, and describing the discovery of BAY-850, a selective ATAD2 small molecule inhibitor, underscoring the value of DNA-encoded chemical libraries to address difficult-to-drug targets (soon to be published).

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[3+2]-Cycloaddition reaction: Synthesis of Libraries of Drug-Like pyrrolidine scaffolds

The [3+2]-cycloaddition reaction is a powerful tool to address 3D-rich and highly functionalized scaffolds for chemical library development. Applying this methodology, two diverse pyrrolidine containing scaffolds were designed. The in situ generated nitrone was reacted with N-Boc 2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole and its analog. The obtained isoxazolidine cycloaddition adducts were reduced and functionalized, leading to multiple entry points for diversity generation. Two 500-compound libraries were synthesized, validating the concept.

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Scaffold Hopping from Complex 3D Fragments

There is a strong interest for the discovery of novel inhibitors of Caspase-1 (ICE), a protein involved in various inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or psoriasis. In order to develop new inhibitors, we used our EDEN platform (Edelris Discovery ENgine) to successfully explore the possibility to rescaffold competitor's ligands from innovative, 3D-enriched Keymical FragmentsTM.

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