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EDEN (Edelris Discovery ENgine)

Keymical Space™ & EDEN

Structural information has reached a prominent role in drug discovery as a key experimental design tool. The EDEN platform (Edelris Discovery ENgine) relies on Edelris’ proprietary Keymical SpaceTM (>10 M original structures) and virtually explores innovative molecular frameworks on challenging targets.


Based upon Edelris’ medicinal chemistry know-how of NP and NP-like sp3-rich molecules, the virtual hits identified can be rapidly converted into discrete compound libraries for biological evaluation. This approach has been validated with success on several R&D projects conducted on behalf of clients.


One of the most desirable tasks following identification of virtual hits after a virtual screening (VHTS) campaign is to transform them as quickly as possible into real samples accessible off the shelf or via chemical synthesis, and to test them in the relevant bio-assay for confirmation.

This mandate for chemical actionability of the design is
a fundamental component of the Edelris approach.

Edelris Discovery ENgine (EDEN) : innovative molecular frameworks