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EDELRIS is a medicinal chemistry company dedicated to the design and synthesis of innovative, natural product-mimetic screening compounds, Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization projects and Custom Synthesis.

Keymical Fragments™

Introducing 500+ tractable AND biorelevant 3D fragments for Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD)

Using its Medchem expertise and recognized experience in the design and synthesis of NP-like screening compounds, Edelris has developed a specific offer in the area of fragment collections based upon originality and 3D-shape, allowing for more efficient and biorelevant chemical space exploration. 

Key parameters

Key parameters carefully taken into account during the design and synthesis process are:

  • Aqueous solubility of final compounds
  • Easy synthetic access in 2-3 robust steps from standard building blocks   
  • 3D molecular shape (based upon Plane of Best Fit calculations)
  • Potential to grow fragments in different directions of space in case of hits
  • Cherry-picking available
  • For successful case-studies, including one concerning PPI, feel free to contact us

Physicochemical Profile of Edelris Keymical Fragments™
Physicochemical Profile of Edelris Keymical Fragments™

(Courtesy of Chris Swain/Cambridge Medchem Consulting)