Edelris, Medchem-oriented research & services

EDELRIS is a medicinal chemistry company dedicated to the design and synthesis of innovative, natural product-mimetic screening compounds, Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization projects and Custom Synthesis.


Laboratories: state of the art 1000 m2 laboratory



  • 28 fume hoods
  • Radleys Carousels and Gilson 215 automated liquid handler
  • H-Cube continuous-flow reactor
  • Biotage Initiator+ microwave synthesizer with Robot 8 for full sample automation
  • Interchim Puriflash 4250
  • CombiFlash Companions and Biotage flash 40 & 75
  • Genevac HT4x and HT8x
  • Automated Kuka weighing station (labelling, barcode reading, weighing) 


  • NMR Bruker Avance 500MHz
  • Waters UPLC/MS and HPLC/MS (analytical configuration) with UV, ELS and Corona Charged Aerosol detections
  • Waters HPLC (analytical configuration) with UV detection
  • Agilent HPLC/MS 1260 with DAD Agilent 1200 Infinity and ELSD Sedex 90
  • Waters HPLC/MS (semi-preparative configuration) with UV detection
  • Shimadzu GC with dual FID/MS detection
  • Bruker FT-IR Vector 22